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Actual Revenue
Tied Back into Your
Google Ads Campaigns

Maximize ROI Now

Keyword-to-Revenue Attribution

ProfitFill helps you determine which keywords are bringing in the highest profit. Our proprietary software tracks your customer’s journey from the first time they click an ad to when they make a purchase.

It provides you with insights on which keywords are the most profitable and lights the path for you to optimize your advertising accurately.

Ad Click on Google

Your potential customer clicks on one of your Google Pay Per Click Ads.

Your Call Centre will book the customer and add them to your Schedule in your CRM.

Your Sales team chooses the lead and takes payment through your CRM.

The revenue will be pushed back into Google Ads and will be connected to the original ad your customer clicked on.

Your PPC Manager will be able to see which ads are bringing in the highest revenue. With real revenue data we can now truly optimize the campaigns, spending more on campaigns that work.

Increase Your Average Revenue Per Job

Over time, ProfitFill will hunt for your most profitable leads. Because it’s bringing revenue back into Google Ads, your PPC Manager will be able to make better choices on which keywords to bid on.

This allows you to budget better and fill your schedule with the most profitable leads first.

Walk Me Through This

Eliminate The Waste

ProfitFill tells Google how much your customers spent after they clicked a specific ad. With ProfitFill, you don’t only see the number of phone calls that were generated per campaign, but it allows you to see how much revenue your campaigns are specifically generating. This allows you to stop spending money on keywords that bring in less revenue than others.

ProfitFill helps you maximize your advertising spend so you can increase your return on investment.

Show Me How

More Accurate Reporting

Our unique reporting dashboard shows you the metrics you actually care about.

  1. Real-time revenue reporting
  2. Instant metrics to help you optimize your ad campaigns
  3. Printable PDF’s so you can circulate your success easily
  4. Track the success of your marketing initiatives
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • SEO
  • Direct
  • Email
  • Social


ProfitFill works with the following CRMs

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The Dream Team Behind The Scenes

Our visionary team was created out of frustration with limited reporting. On one side, we have the marketing agency and on the other, we have the client. We all were able to see the number of clicks, the number of phone calls. However, we weren’t able to easily see which keywords are bringing in the highest revenue.

We came together and agreed “there must be a better way”! After years of trial and error, ProfitFill is ready.


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